• Mark Clulow

    THEN: Master of Science Degree & Bachelor of Arts Degree (with honors)


    NOW: Open to exciting opportunities with organizations dedicated to creating a better World.

    Throughout my career as a Sales Professional, I have come to learn and love complex sales. I do not sell 'products', rather I use my wealth of experience to help my clients to understand the problems they face, help them design optimal solutions to whatever problems we uncover together and then help to implement the solutions, measuring the value that the solutions have created, all-in-all helping my clients make high-value, quantifiable business decisions.

    As a dedicated life-long learner, I hold education and self-improvement as high-level values. I set high goals for myself to always be improving, stretching myself and always surprising myself with just what I can do.

    I am creative, thoughtful and a fan of precise data - a mix between art & science - like life itself :)

    I am a paid-subscriber of www.Manager-Tools.com - if you're not, you're missing out!

    台数据处理, PHOTOSHOP等绘图软件,生产摄像, 网站设计等


    I'm always excited to learn about new opportunities and projects.

    Remote working for 20+ years (long before it was a 'thing', I looking forward to connecting with you!

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    Free Air Inc.

    High Efficiency Personal Air Purification
    Executive Vice President of Business Development, Asia Region
    August 2015 - Present
    On-the-ground support for key accounts in China, Japan, Korea and the rest of Asia, I am responsible for high-level business development direction in all markets.
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    The Definitive Guide To Life After Dark in Zhuhai
    Webmaster / Director
    Sep 2008 - Present

    More of a hobby, but I feel it has been executed with the highest degree of professionalism, so I felt urged to list it here :)
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    Cosmosupplylab ltd.

    The World's Most Admired Accessories Enterprise
    Senior Manager, Special Projects
    May 2014 - Aug 2015
    Leading business development activities and direction for sustainable growth. Winning and developing new client accounts, market intelligence, economical feasibility (ROI, NPV, Budget and program P&L and resource), quotation processing and design & product pre-development drive & execution.

    I'm one of the easiest people to find online - you name a social network and I'm probably there waiting for you! :)

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    BORN: London, UK

    LIVES: Thailand

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    +66 96 720 6961
    iMessage / Whatsapp

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    Skype: coooos

    Get in touch with me if you would like to discuss how we can cooperate.

    Alternatively, head on over to my website and book a time directly on my calendar!